Soins capillaires Epres


Epres hair care

Epres hair care products are perfect for all hair types! Created by Eric Pressly, co-founder of the famous Olaplex brand, these treatments stand out for their patented molecular technology, designed to meet the most demanding hair care needs. The Epres formula is specifically designed to target and repair damaged disulfide bonds within the hair fiber. These bonds, essential for the health and structure of the hair, are often broken by chemical or thermal treatments or external aggressions. Epres hair products intervene by reforming these bonds, thus allowing a deep regeneration of the internal structure of the hair. One of the major advantages of these products is its ability to restore the original state of the hair fiber. This results in visibly stronger, more supple and softer hair.

You benefit from hair that is not only more beautiful but also healthier, an important aspect for those who have undergone aggressive treatments or alterations due to environmental factors. Regular use of Epres hair care products results in a marked reduction in breakage and frizz, common problems for many hair types. This improvement in hair texture and strength confirms the effectiveness of Epres technology, making this premium hair care range a must-have solution for those looking to revitalize and maintain the health of their hair. Discover on Glow Treatment, a whole range of Epres hair treatments for deep repair of your hair!

The best Epres hair products to enhance your hair