olaplex n°4 bond maintenance

OLAPLEX N.4 Shampoo

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Bond Maintenance N°4 Shampoo is formulated with patented reconstructive Olaplex technology. It helps repair disulphide bonds while gently cleansing the hair.

N°4 Olaplex shampoo restores strength and suppleness with each wash and brings hydration and shine to hair that has undergone technical coloring or bleaching treatments.

Very moisturizing, the formulation is enriched with sunflower seed oil , green tea oil, argan oil, apricot kernel oil, acai berry oil, rosemary leaf extracts, pomegranate, oregano and banana.

Formulated for daily use.
It is suitable for all hair types.

Capacity: 250ml

Hair care brand that has revolutionized the hairdressing industry by offering products that repair and strengthen hair damaged by chemical treatments (coloring, straightening, etc.). Olaplex products are used by professional hairdressers around the world to deliver long-lasting results and healthier hair.